Taylor Burton

Taylor was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2008 with a degree in Psychology with a minor in Exercise Science. While in school, he trained the faculty and students which pursued him to get his National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) OPT certification. After graduating he began a six- year career working for Carolina’s Medical Center in an outpatient program for kids with psychological/behavioral problems.

Since then, Taylor has been a personal trainer in the Charlotte area for more than ten years. Working at the Dowd YMCA, Peak Fitness and Fitness Together Southend. At Fitness Together, he played a crucial role in the merging of one-on-one training to provide group training as well.

Taylor has an aggressive style of training and is a stickler for form. Helping to educate clients on flexibility and the importance of proper form, he has a lengthy track record of results and satisfied clients. He has recently obtained the Corrective Exercise Science (CES) certification from NASM. He has also recovered from ACL surgery, which has helped him understand what potential clients go through. The view behind Functional Fit Charlotte is to make sure our client’s have success and making sure they see the results they want while limitiing their risk of injury.

Marissa Arellano

Marissa was born in New Jersey and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s been a athlete for most of her life, but when sports stopped she turned to fitness to help her maintain a healthy lifestyle. She obtained her personal training, and nutritional coaching certification through NASM so she could help others make permanent changes that make them feel better mentally and physically.

Fitness to Marissa isn’t just about achieving a goal body or weight, it’s about developing the discipline to overcome new challenges and become better not only in the gym, but in everyday life. She’s been helping others do this by developing custom workouts that are fun as well as challenging. Motivating and keeping her clients on the path to their goals feels like second nature to her because she has a true passion for what she does. Her positive mindset and high energy pushes her clients to reaching their full potential, unlocking a new found confidence after each session.

Outside of the gym Marissa enjoys staying active doing things like snowboarding, hiking, and swimming. Staying fit and eating right is what keeps her going, so she is always influencing others to do the same. Her ultimate goal is to help everyone around her experience the endless benefits of health and fitness that lead to a longer and more enjoyable life.

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie has been involved in sports and fitness from a very young age. She started in gymnastics and has participated in sports since then. Loving a good challenge, she started to compete in Bikini competitions in 2014, and continues to train regularly.

Previously, she taught a Pilates Barre fusion class at Inspire Pilates & Beyond in Charlotte, and will be providing a similar experience here at Functional Fit.The combination of her fun bubbly personality along with the ever changing upbeat playlists will keep you pushing through these challenging workouts.

After one class you will be hooked, it is always her goal to keep you inspired and motivated in creating a healthy lifestyle!

Michael O’Donerty

Michael was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. He graduated from East Carolina University in 2015 with a Bachelors in Exercise Physiology. He has been working at Greenapple Sports and Wellness for 2 and a half years as the Rehab Specialist. In that time, he has seen many injuries and has helped to get Charlotte athletes of all caliber and all sports back to training shape. The experience at Greenapple has developed a style that helps athletes stay injury free and achieve the goals in which they desire. He has recently acquired a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) certification in which scientific principles are used to help achieve control of our body’s and the range of motion which we possess.

Michael has experience with many different styles of exercise but mainly enjoys training himself in a CrossFit style of training and looks to compete in competitions in the future. However, he dabbles in all forms of exercise and loves trying different things. This variety of training for himself allows him to offer an experience that obtains results and keeps it interesting. He also offers sport specific one-on-one mobility training using methods obtained with his FRCms. His goal as a trainer is to give a challenging yet fulfilling workout that encourages clients to get out of their comfort zone.

Brandon Decaro

Brandon was born in Charlotte, NC and raised in the Lake Norman area. He graduated in 2015 from the University of Western Carolina where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and a minor in Exercise Science. After graduating, he became certified with EXOS. He has been personal training since 2015 and joined Functional Fit in July of 2019.

Brandon has experience working with people of all ages and enjoys the process of helping each individual reach their goals. Movement and technique are a staple in his training. “It starts from the big toe and up, everything needs to be functioning properly.” Brandon tailors each program specifically for that person, which is why assessments are always done before the first training session.
Brandon enjoys the one on one experience but also teaches boxing, vertimax, and group classes. Being a collegiate athlete he has learned a lot from personal experience such as rehabbing injuries, sport specific training, and how an athlete or client should be moving to prevent injury. He is working towards his next certification with DBC fitness and is always researching case studies on fitness and nutrition.

Nutrition is a major element with his clients because, “you are what you eat.” Properly fueling your body and improving sleep and gut health is something Brandon educates his clients on. Outside of training, he enjoys playing sports, working out, and spending time with family and friends.

Zan Arrandt

I’m Zan Arrandt, born and raised in Charlotte, NC. I own ZanZen, LLC. offering in-home, in-studio, virtual & corporate wellness comprised of personal training, yoga, nutritional guidance, Amare, and I’m a custom abstract artist. I feel so blessed to have turned things that deeply feed my soul into a business that I can share with others! I live the definition of job love everyday!

I’ve been teaching yoga & personal training since 2006 & I love guiding people through their journey to feel their best everyday! The more we take care of our own body mind spirit, the more patience we have while taking care of others. Cheers to your HEALTH!

Kayla Moore

Bio coming…